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ChequedReferenceTM makes reference checking automated and relevant again.

An overview of your candidate’s competency scores tied to the success of this position.

Looking for custom information? You can write your own questions. watch to learn

Know immediately if the reference would rehire the candidate. watch to learn

Easy to understand summary of the candidate’s fit with no interpretation necessary. watch to learn

Quickly screen for bogus references. watch to learn

Optional employment verification included in every report. watch to learn

Make your interview more effective with job relevant questions. watch to learn


  • What is the difference between ChequedReference™ and a traditional, phone based reference check? watch to learn
  • How does ChequedReference™ automate the reference check process? watch to learn

What our customers say?

"We implemented ChequedReference™ for purely tactical reasons, specifically to save time, but immediately saw the strategic value of the candid feedback and much richer information we were able to get with an automated system."
-Michele Hanson, Director, Talent Acquistion, Learning Care Group, Inc.
" optimized our process and saved us a ton of time. It also provided information I had never had before. The insight it provides is dead on."
-Peter Dean, President, Online Marketing Agency

Need more reasons to try ChequedReference TM

  • Assessment-logic makes reference checking the most predictive part of your hiring process
  • Automate an old-fashioned, time consuming process
  • Powerful candidate sourcing capability delivers quality talent to your pipeline
  • Detailed reporting, analytics and decision support ensure your ROI

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We don't sell your information and won't inundate your inbox.